How to Update Garmin GPS?

How to Update Garmin GPS? 

How Garmin Express is useful for updating GPS devices?  

To install, and browse the latest maps on your numerous Garmin devices, it is essential to have a Garmin Express application on your computer. The software is exclusively designed to help the Garmin users in installing useful and effective maps without any hassle. Using such maps, you can comfortably navigate over your favored destinations. But for exact navigation and to eliminate all the dead zones, it is recommended to update Garmin GPS consistently. Whenever you receive alerts and discover new maps in the Garmin Express application, install them instantly without any delay. This thorough guide will help you in updating your Garmin devices easily. 

Complete Procedure to Update Garmin GPS

  1. Turn on your computer and spot the installed Garmin Express application. For upgrading the GPS devices, promptly launch the application. It will display a Get Started tab, select it. 
  2. Another window will come into view and you have to click on Add a Device icon. The program will keep searching for the device until and unless you plug it with the computer. 
  3. Now, take out your particular Garmin GPS device and a working Ethernet cable. Attach the cable to your GPS device first and then insert it appropriately into the ethernet port of the computer. 
  4. Device Found window will straight away be displayed on your screen. Under your product name, you will notice the Add Device button. Select it and you will be requested to access your registered Garmin Account. 
  5. Provide your true, genuine, and valid login credentials i.e email address and passphrase into their assigned fields. Then, click Sign In. 
  6. The next step is to provide a nickname so that you can simply identify your Garmin GPS device from the displayed list of products. Click Next and the program will start looking for the recent Garmin Update applicable for your GPS device. 
  7. To move ahead, click on the View Details link and all the updates that can be installed will instantly be visible on your screen. Get the updates that suit your requirements by clicking on the Install button. 
  8. When the processing gets over, carefully detach your GPS device from the computer. 

Fix common issues encountered by users while updating Garmin GPS

Sometimes when users attempt to install software and map updates, the update gets failed due to some issues. In these circumstances, you will not be allowed to install your preferred maps. Hence to avoid any kind of hindrance and for a trouble-free update, take a look at the given advanced troubleshooting steps: 

  1. It may be a possibility that your Garmin GPS device is not well linked with your computer. In such scenarios, remove the device from the system and inspect the ethernet cable. If you find that the cable is damaged, take a new one and then reconnect the GPS device to the computer. 
  2. If there is no issue with the connectivity, the Garmin Express application may get corrupted. So, completely remove the Garmin program from your system. Thereafter, reach and install the application as per your operating system. Ensure that you are getting fast and stable internet speed when installing the software. 

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